The only truly automated Voice Polygraph (VP) program

  • AVSAPRO utilizes neural network processor power

  • AVSAPRO is not LVA

  • AVSAPRO allows manual or auto-scoring of validated PDD test protocols (4 pair, 3 pair, 2 pair ZOC & MGQT’s)

  • Auto tabbing of CQ’s and RQ’s

  • Auto scoring of individual tests

  • Auto scoring of entire examinations (multiple test charts)

  • Auto rotation of RQ’s

  • Auto control of cadence – Audible answer cue (caters for onset delay of FOF response) & enforced homeostasis restoration (resting) pause

  • Auto assignment of SV (stress value) to every captured word during interview narrative. Recording time frame exceeds eight minutes per test/file

  • Unlimited total file capacity

  • Auto real-time check and display of incoming signal volume

  • AVSAPRO files tests in alphabetical sequence for individuals. Batch files for corporate and/or regular clients may also be created

  • Unlimited alpha-numeric filing options

  • Fully integrated with ALL MS Windows O/S and touchscreens. Runs in MS Windows on Mac

  • Known solution database pre-scored utilizing the proficiency of VP experts spanning more than 25 years

  • AVSAPRO training is presented by selected, thoroughly trained  and accredited professionals

  • AVSAPRO is distributed by an internationally certified PDD examiner, recognized DOD professional and author on PDD Techniques and Technologies

AVSAPRO systems are the most advanced Voice Polygraph systems worldwide

AVSAPRO systems are developed by Clifton Coetzee and AVSAPRO GLOBAL (Pty) Ltd

AVSAPRO versions 17 and 21 are both provided with each, once-off licence purchase

AVSAPRO version 100 is a combo version with added features and question libraries


  1. AVSAPRO 17 for call centre environments : POA

    Version 17 is used primarily to process running narrative. Can be used to run constructed tests with question templates. Tabbing is manual. Has scoring processor. No auto control of cadence.

  2. AVSAPRO 20 for traditional DOD interviews : POA

    Version 20 is our original classic. It utilizes an AI neural network processor. Includes cadence control of onset delay and homeostasis recovery.

  3. AVSAPRO 21 similar to 20 but for covert telephone testing : POA

    Version 21 has fixed cadence control features removed. It is operator driven using the ‘Enter’ key.

  4. AVSAPRO 100 as above with question libraries and added functionality to run with Stoelting/Lafayette : POA

    Version 100 is the next evolution of version 20. It includes built-in question *libraries & templates to ‘Build A Test’ as well as multiple other upgrades.


    • Standard Examiner : POA / 5 days

    • Advanced Examiner: POA / 10 days

*Crime Specific Libraries. Validated Question Constructs (Numerous). Simplified Report Production. Easy to run. Easy to understand. Constructs: IZCT, AFMGQT, Backster, Reid MGQT, plus open templates to construct your own.

Programs may be installed on multiple computers. The purchase price provides ONE licence on Safenet iKey (USB security device). All of our programs will only run when the iKey is physically inserted into PC.


  • Note how AVSAPRO controls timing from question to answer to contend with the onset delay of ‘FOF’ responses.

  • AVSAPRO prevents ‘bleeding’, super dampening or Delayed Stress Response (DSR) by time controlling the display of questions following subject response.

  • Any question may be reset (re-asked and over-written) with the proper, numerical sequence of questions being maintained.